2013: A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.

If anything, ushering in 2013 is just a reiteration. My new year actually started a month ago when I decided to embark on this gypsy joyride a.k.a resigning from my job and venturing into freelance-entrepreneur territory. On my last day, I tweeted (including the pic):

It’s a surreal feeling to discard your conventional maps and have this vast open road lying ahead of you. #LastDay


So there, that pretty much sums up how I envision 2013 – a very vast open road, Jack Kerouac style. The idea is to be mad to live and be desirous of everything at the same time. To journey into the unknown. To be lost and be found. Or better yet, forge new paths.

While there’s a lot of randomness involved, I’ll be guided by five priorities. These will occupy my being:

  • Learning. The goal is to finish my master’s degree. I am behind by just two more subjects this coming term, Copywriting and Visualization/Art Direction. Then in June, I should be working on my IMC Campaign already. Fingers crossed, it gets approved on its first pass.
  • Industry. I didn’t quit my job to become a bum. This is the start of real work, kids! By the end of the year, my start up baby should be ready. In between then and now, gotta find a steady stream of income from freelance work. And by default, I’m forced to good to master the art of being financially prudent. Economics is a glaring reality.
  • Travel. I’ve pretty much plotted the major ones. I am excited about more long-term journeys. There is a conscious effort to exploring more domestic destinations and adding variety by scaling summits (target is Mt. Pulag and if time and budget permits, maybe Sagada too). I’ve been too partial to the sea the past year, I know. So the idea is to strike a sea to summit balance.
  • Volunteerism. It’s about time.
  • People. Happiness is only real when shared. This year is about fostering relationships, both old and new. Betting on people more and allowing myself to become more vulnerable.

Vulnerable. Vulnerability is a side effect of risk. A risk that was my choice. I’ll be collecting scars this year I suppose. And while I do not look forward to the pain, I’m betting on the possibility for happiness. It’s enough.

It’s a brave new world, 2013.


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