Passion Pit

“So what have you been doing?”

I’ve been asked this a lot lately, three months into this gypsy joyride. Believe me, it’s a very hard question to answer given the lack of structure in my day-to-day activities. I mean, I try to be productive and do a hodgepodge of things, but I can’t possibly enumerate everything. Plus, some people just don’t get it when I say that I’ve been practicing playing the guitar, or I’ve enrolled myself to a bunch of classes at Coursera – from an Earth Sciences class to a more practical course like Entrepreneurship or Intro to Finance. So anyway to keep it short, sweet, and avoiding unnecessary judgment, I just sheepishly smile and answer, “Finding inspiration.”

Almost automatically the person/people I’m talking to will laugh and ask if I was referring to my love life. Well, yes… That and more. :)

Kidding aside, there’s a lot of truth to that statement. Given the precarious situation I’m in, a.k.a voluntary unemployment, I am always in need of a pep talk. Although I haven’t really had a meltdown yet, I’ve had very small glimpses of self-doubt this early in the game. In one of the blogs that I follow, Nomad Manager describes passion as the choice to seek discomfort in order to achieve the kind of life you’ve imagined yourself living. Pretty heavy stuff, I know. But what will make it light is inspiration. Inspiration then, is what reaffirms and fuels this commitment.

So I just thought of compiling into a list some great stuff I’ve seen all over the web, and share them with you. Whether you’re in the same predicament as me, or just running low on the soul department, maybe you can get your pep talk fix from them. I sure did.

(Click on the image logos to go to the website)

Soul Pancake Banner

Chew On Life’s Big Questions

As a primer for Soul Pancake, did you watch the Kid President Pep Talk video above? If you skipped it, I urge you to watch it NOW.

Soul Pancake reminds me of that Kurt Vonnegut quote, “Be soft…”. The site is a mixed media platform for arts, philosophy, culture, science, humor, and spirituality. Basically, it’s like Tumblr but with strictly Good Vibes Content only. So if you feel like you’re in that phase where your evil twin is about to go Army of Darkness on you, this site can maybe help you get things into perspective.

I am such a fan of the Soul Pancake concept and The Kid President character, I wanna start on something similar. Now, I just need people to collaborate with. Anyone? Anyone? Hit me up!


Zen Pencils

Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks

Zen Pencils is just genius. The man behind Zen Pencils, Australia-based Gavin Aung Than, would waste time reading Wiki biographies of inspirational people whenever his boss wasn’t looking. Eventually, doing so inspired him to go after his true passions. Zen Pencils is an offshoot of it.

Inspiring quotes by different inspiring people – from writers like Charles Bukowski to scientists like Albert Einstein, as interpreted by Gavin thru his cartoon illustrations. Zen pencils uploads new material weekly, and sometimes accepts requests! There are some free downloadable stuff too. Inspiring words. Inspiring art. Just awesome!


Chris Guillebeau

A brief guide to world domination

Now, before you categorize this as some preachy stuff, do take note that by world domination, it doesn’t refer to this planet of 7 billion people. No, not a Spice World. Instead, it refers to that world you want to build for yourself. Yes, that Atlas Shrugged quote… “The world you desired can be won…”

The site is actually based on a book (which I’m currently reading), and the author Chris Guillebeau, maintains an online manifesto. Admittedly, the thought process proposed here is not for everyone. But if you’re someone who feels stuck in a current life situation, then this book/site just might jolt you like a thunderbolt. Not to preempt anything, but I got my new mantra here. Just a couple of weeks ago, I graduated from “Finding inspiration”Β  to “Planning for serendipity”. I can’t quite eloquently explain it myself, but this Chris Hadfield quote illustration by Zen Pencils pretty much sums up what planning for serendipity is all about.



Ideas worth spreading

If in case you haven’t seen Inception, an idea is a virus, the most resilient parasite… resilient, and highly contagious.

In reality though, you probably have seen Inception countless times already, and you have probably heard of TedTalks. But just in case you haven’t watched one yet, here’s a great introduction. This is by Amanda Fucking Palmer, rockstar singer of The Dresden Dolls, and wife of rockstar author Neil Gaiman.



Making travel happen for themselves and for others

Last but not the least, some local heroes in the form ofΒ  two ladies quitting their day jobs to travel throughout Southeast Asia and India for six months. The blog was initially started to chronicle this 6-month long trip, but it has now evolved into a platform for like-minded sistersΒ with a passion for travel that goes beyond going on vacation and just being a tourist.

Travel as a way of life.

It’s very empowering to read about stories of fellow Filipinas who dared. Makes you want to go chart your own adventures yourself.


So there, I hope you find something here that lifts you up. Do I hear someone mumbling “Excelsior” already?


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