Friday I’m In Love: The Baler Laundromat

[Click] Minimize button. [Click] Maximize button. Repeat ’til 5:30.

Ahhh… Friday afternoons!

So maybe here’s a filler for that feigning to be productive ritual…

Welcome to the Friday I’m In Love postcard series! ‘Coz you know, I love to look back at old travel photos, but really don’t wanna join the #ThrowbackThursday bandwagon (just because). I want to make you even more excited about the weekend. And yeah, people are not supposed to be busy on a Friday.

The first postcard of the series is dedicated to surfer weekend warriors, since it’s the start of the off-season and all. Most likely, we’ll be looking at pictures of our past surf trips to get our dose of stoke. Boo.

Moving on, let me tell you about what I love most about surfing…


Taken Nov2010: Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines

I tell you, it’s becoming quite a long list. From actually liking yoga and early mornings, to willingly go thru hell several times over to get back in the line-up after some nasty wipeouts. Bottomline, it’s not easy. In certain cases, it’s an act of sheer determination. As you go thru the process of trying to get better at it, you challenge yourself, pushing your limits. And as with any other passion project, you start to make some adjustments to make it more congruent with your life.

While I’m at it, I get front row seats to objectifying men and their washboard abs. Now there’s a win-win situation! ;P

If it ain’t obvious yet, “Gone surfing!” is my favorite hello weekend status update. What’s yours?

It’s the weekend. Everybody say, Hooray!


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