Friday I’m In Love: Under the Cua Dai Sun


Taken APR2012: Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An, Central Vietnam

The Friday Afternoon Ritual:

[Click] Minimize button. [Click] Maximize button. Repeat ’til 5:30.


Here comes the sun… doo doo doo doo… Here comes the sun… and I say, it’s all right!

I can quote sun/beach/summer lyrics all day.

Reading while sun-baking, for me, is a beach getaway staple. I love sand in between my books’ pages just as I love them in between my toes. Here, I was reading Under The Tuscan Sun under the hot Vietnamese sky. We were at a public beach in Cua Dai, a bike ride away from Hoi An’s old town center. This was the chill stop of our 8-day north to south backpacking trip to Vietnam, and coincidentally, the perfect place to recharge our batteries before heading out to the dizzying mess that is Saigon. We don’t call it Vitamin Sea for nothing!

If you happen to be traveling to Vietnam, do check if you can squeeze in a stop at Hoi An. It’s a long distance from either Hanoi or Saigon, which in our case meant a 16-hour travel via sleeper train and bus, but it is definitely worth the trip. Not only is it a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it also boasts of the best tasting Vietnamese food. I mean really, hands down, THE BEST. Oh how I miss their banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes)!

You might also want to time your visit on a full moon. On these nights, the town celebrates in the streets and lights up only their lanterns. Traditional song, dance, game, cheer, and incense fill the air. Very blast from the past and overdosing on charm.

And can I just mention (again) that a long stretch of white beach is just a bike ride away? Gotta love Hoi An. Easily a favorite.

So there, your turn. It’s the weekend. It’s summer.Β Where are you gonna get that sunburn?


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