Nine Lives

What’s so awesome? This Google Doodle!

Apparently, it was Erwin Schrödinger’s birthday couple of days ago, and Google paid him homage by doodling his famous quantum cat experiment. If you’re curious enough why Schrödinger (or his cat) is so famous, and why the heck I named my blog after him/it, just read on…

Trust me, you’ll find this cuter than any other glasses-wearing cat on Tumblr. That is, if you like cats. If you don’t, well… it doesn’t really matter. This can still have some meaning to how you process your reality. It’s physics, after all!

Google Doodle does Schrödinger’s Cat


Let’s just leave it to this guy to explain how it goes.


It’s basically science telling you to open your damn ‘What if?’ box! At any given time, the universe offers us all possible outcomes or state of realities. If something is worth knowing then, you just have to see for yourself.


Let’s just say that coming across this idea led to one of the several small epiphanies that fueled the Big Leap in 2012 – that part where I shocked many after declaring that I was gonna quit my nice job for ‘projects’ that were just still taking shape in my head.

The timing couldn’t have been more poetic as it was a point in my life where I couldn’t tell whether I was happy or unhappy with the way things were happening (or not happening). Me being me, who according to Gallup StrengthsFinder has a strong Connectedness Theme, is just predisposed to pick up on things like this. Ha!

So here we are, nine months later. I am happy to report that the cat is very much alive. Things are continuously unraveling, and some of these stories will probably end up here – mostly travel but I’ll try to write about other ‘projects’ too.

In the meantime, there are more boxes to open… We’ll see!


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