El Nido: Take 2

Exactly a year after, I found myself in the same place where I spent Day 1 of this gypsy joyride.

Hello again, El Nido! And happy gypsy anniversary to me!


Tagging along with me is my friend, Pong. Coney was supposed to join us too, but as is usual with trips booked way, way in advance… life happens. Boo!

But that’s the thing with plans, I guess. They change as you go along. If there’s an overarching theme to this trip, it’s that.

Douglas Adams Quote

Source: Tumblr

Half the things in our original itinerary didn’t happen. For two reasons mainly –

  1. Island tour prices skyrocketed. That totally messed up our budget. We were these two nearly-broke girls in a No-ATM, (sort-of) No-credit card zone.  AND –
  2. We discovered something we can’t really say no to. Surprise, surprise… There’s surfing in El Nido!

So instead of two tours, we went on one – Tour C. Went on a DIY adventure to Nacpan and Calitang beaches. Got to surf El Nido’s Mike’s Point – a reef break with a great view of Cadlao Island.

In between those adventures, we partied like we’re 22, laughed our asses off, and sort of collected a few donttellmymom stories.

If you let it, the universe can pack some serious surprises. Well, not without a few battle scars here and there. But at the end of it all, it gets you smiling from ear to ear.


So I’ll be sharing some highlights of this El Nido trip on separate posts. Feel free to click and snoop away:

Let me leave you with a video of this awesome fire dancer at Pukka Bar. This guy knows how to play with fire! His style perfectly fits El Nido’s chill vibe. Awesome.


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