El Nido’s Nacpan + Calitang Beaches: Tumble in the rough

Rough around the edges. The road less traveled leads to the northern regions of El Nido. The destination: the twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang.

We were already booked to go on Tour B that day, but still decided to go for this instead. Had to pay the operator 50% of the tour cost for the last minute cancellation, but what the hell –



That’s Pong. Good thing she knows how to drive a motorbike. As for me, I just sat there, sang a few songs for entertainment, and took pictures to compensate. Ha!

Rented a motorbike for Php 600. Asked for general directions on how to get there. Pong drove, I sat. It’s an hour ride from the town proper, about 25 km distance to cover.

Just go straight, and somewhere along the way, when the paved roads are replaced by dirt, there’s this one (and only) left turn to make. Luckily, we didn’t miss it!


Stopping for gas

It’s still a long way to go after making that crucial turn from the ‘highway’. Thank God it was sunny. Otherwise, it would have been a muddy mess. The single road that narrows and widens upon the whim of its surroundings was scenic, but can be unforgiving. We were already better off since we were riding a motorbike. I imagine a tricycle ride would be hellish.

But it was really lovely having to look at things that are green – sometimes coconut palms, other times rice paddies, bamboo, or a canopy of trees.


You tumble before you stumble.
And then there come these moments that yank you out of the dream-like sequence of your surroundings.

Like when our bike got stuck in the mud – both Pong and I were so helpless getting it unstuck. It didn’t help that we were just laughing the entire time, and I was more interested filming the mishap. Eventually, fellow travelers came to our rescue. Now we know, no matter how much we brag about being independent women backpackers, deep down we’re really just a duo of needy city girls.

Helz yeah, posers! Haha!

But wait, there’s more! It’s as if we hadn’t gotten enough doses of adventure yet, we revved up on our action sequences. With only a few meters  to go, the beach already in sight… Whoops!

Foursquare:  Crash Test Dummies, Terrible Twosome Badge Unlocked!

Crash Test Dummies

Again, needy city girls. Kindness of strangers is something to be thankful for! Nothing to worry about though. It was a hilarious egg roll stunt more than anything.

Not too long after, we reckoned that the tumble was definitely worth it if it meant…

To stumble upon your own piece of heaven.


This is Nacpan beach: Five kilometers of powdery white sand. Nipa huts and coconut trees instead of fancy resorts. Fat curling waves that can make a surfer girl’s heart giggle. Hardly any other soul. If this was the reward for a skinned knee and a few minor troubles, then so be it.


How El Nido managed to floor me this way AGAIN, is beyond me. I was gaping, fumbling with my camera and phone to take pictures and videos. But looking at my pictures now, none of them can give it justice. I guess I will have to make do with a sweeping statement like – Nacpan easily became my favorite beach on the planet, to suggest just how incredible this place is.

As we walked towards the southern end of Nacpan, we discovered the area where it shared the same shoreline with Calitang beach. Hence, the Twin Beach nickname.


Calitang Beach. From here you can spot the more distinguishable islands of El Nido like Helicopter and Cadlao Islands.

Like what I said in my first El Nido post – If you let it, the universe can pack some serious surprises, but oftentimes, not without a few battles scars here and there.

I will always welcome such surprises. It teaches me to see beauty even at its roughest form…


And more importantly, it teaches me that stars are a lot nearer to us than we think.


If only you’d dare to seek, you might just find places to call – ‘somewhere only we know’. Thank you, El Nido, for giving us this. At least for a while, we can call it that.


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