Godabang Cat Cafe Hongdae: Oh feline eyes

Cat Cafe Hongdae

Hello kitty!

Long before #catstagrams were a thing, I had already been following cats on Tumblr. Never owned one though, so I guess that makes me… a virtual cat lady!

Visiting a cat cafe was definitely on my to-do list coming to Seoul. How can one resist those feline eyes? So adorable! A slow rainy afternoon was just the perfect time to hang around a bunch of furry lazy bums.

How It Works

This cat cafe in Hongdae charges ₩ 8,000 (Php 400) per head, inclusive of drinks – choice of hot/iced coffee, tea, and juice drinks. With this fee, you can already stay for as long as you want.

Before entering the cafe, you would need to trade your shoes for indoor slippers, and disinfect your hands. Inside, you will be asked to store your loose belongings in a drawer. There’s an illustrated guide on how to properly ‘handle’ the cats. Most basic would be resisting the urge to just grab them because they’re too cute and cuddly! Remember, they’re not as instantly friendly as their canine counterparts.

There are ways and means to get their attention though. You can purchase treats or borrow toys at the counter. You’ll be making feline friends in no time.

Feline Friends

They have 21 cats in the cafe. But because it was cold and raining outside, half of them were in their secret nooks busy being lazy. Lazy, lazy creatures…

Also as expected, some cats were friendlier than the others. My favorite is Pedro, the white Persian cat. He kept on coming to my side, and let me rub his belly until he fell asleep. Cat No. 5 also warmed up to me, climbing on top of my shoulders several times.

As for the rest, well, a high EQ is a prerequisite for liking cats. Consider me…


How To Get There

From Hongik University subway exit #9, take the first left turn (landmark: KFC), then right on the first alley (landmark: Dunkin Donuts). It’s located at the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) building to the right, next to a DVD bang. You’ll find a signage at the bottom of the stairs. Just follow the paws from there.

Godabang (Attic Cat) is a chain of cat cafes with 9 branches, including Hongdae.

Source: Godabang Website


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