Tangadan Falls: Taking back Sunday

Sometime last summer, our Sunday needed saving.

Saturday was spent sulking and sleeping, and the rest of the weekend was about to look like a very long, lonely road to Sunday night. See, La Union was having a case of the blues (READ: the sea was irritatingly flat and calm) and naturally, this surf-deprived wave chaser wannabe was depressed. Worse, we were staying somewhere in San Fernando instead of San Juan, so sun-baking and lifestylin’ weren’t even our options.

A surf town without surf is Jollibee with no ChickenJoy. But what else can we do?

Trade blue for hues of green and grey


The La Union scene I’m not too familiar with.

Plus a few other concessions: Walking instead of paddling. Drenching in sweat instead of saltwater. Treading on rocks instead of balancing on a board. Bush instead of sand.

But hey, when things aren’t working out, you gotta recalibrate right? Once you let go of the disappointment and negativity, the alternative might not be that bad at all. I knew there’s a waterfall somewhere near San Juan, so the next morning I took the barangay (a.k.a my younger cousins) to my go-to place in Elyu – The Circle Hostel. There, the always reliable Kuya Larry arranged the transpo and guide for us.

Easy like a Sunday morning, the trek to Tangadan Falls

Scenic from start to finish. The view transitions from rice fields, to corn fields, to patches of trees and the occasional bamboo, until everything becomes dominated by boulders and water.

The route we took was the easy one with a few tricky areas, and since we trekked during the dry season, the river crossing was more like a rock-hopping exercise. Nevertheless, it took us more than an hour to reach the falls. Because, cam-whoring kids.

Walking through corn fields trek to Tangadan Falls

Scenery on the way to Tangadan Falls

Scenery on the way to Tangadan Falls

Skipping rocks on the way to Tangadan Falls



Don’t tell our moms

This adrenaline junkie was most looking forward to jumping off this waterfall. But as soon as I saw Tangadan Falls’ cliff face, uhmmm… okay. That required some running and one helluva leap. Despite the crowd, it looked like no one else would dare do it, so I too, chickened out. Oh well.

Tangadan Falls


But amazingly, keeping with the day’s theme of saving grace, there was another spot to cliff dive where I jumped to my heart’s content! Again, and again, and again.

And so, that Sunday ended up being mine. Every now and then, the Universe reminds me that when things are not to my liking, just be on the lookout for silver linings. :)

Cliff jumping


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